Member Benefits

  1. Big Benefits-Stay informed about MBHS and engage with MBHS and fellow classmates. 
  2. Your membership dues will contribute to our annual school programs- helping students in need by providing:
    • Lunches, school books, uniform, school supplies, etc.
    • Assist with the purchase of equipment for learning facilities such as the computer labs, science lab and cookery facility at the school
    • Awards program and more
    • School maintenance and beautification programs.
  3. Opportunities to Give Back when you run for office and join committee.
  4. Opportunities to vote for officers.
  5. Notification and invitations to alumnae assn special events and activities including reunions and social gatherings.
  6. Special member discounts on select sponsored events and activities, school memorabilia’s-dolls, pins, shirts etc.
  7. Alumnae search assistance.
  8. Networking opportunity
  9. PRIDE IN giving Direct Support to MBHS and its students through MBHSIAA various programs and activities.

 Annual Dues $50.00 and 2 years $90.00. Join Us Today!