MBHSIAA Teacher of the Year 2011-2012

Henry Adams said “a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” In this case, she can never tell where her influence stops.
Montego Bay High School International Alumnae CONGRATULATES
Mrs. Sharon Cunningham-Moore on being selected “THE TEACHER OF THE YEAR” for 2011-2012.
Mrs. Cunningham Moore was selected based on many of these criteria. We believe a “Teacher of the Year” should possess and demonstrate consistently:
• The ability to create a love of learning in students of all abilities and background.
• High expectations from all students.
• Strong sense of values, integrity, and professional ethics.
• The ability to learn and experiment with new ideas in order to expand his or her professional knowledge base.
• Strong interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, administration and the MBHS community.
• Strong instruction and assessment capabilities
• Knowledge of subject and curriculum content
• Knowledge of student growth and development
• Strong communications skills
• Energy, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and dependability.
• Commitment to community service