Jamaica: Glamour DMC Partners with ‘Rogers Circle of Champions’ to Benefit Montego Bay High School for Girls

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Glamour DMC in Jamaica recently partnered with ‘Rogers Circle of Champions’ to give back to Montego Bay High School for Girls. The girls of the Montego Bay high School located in St. James, Jamaica recently had an early Christmas as they were the recipient of the single largest donation made to any High School in Jamaica. The project which was dubbed “Rogers Cable Circle of Champions”, took place under the auspices of Glamour Destination Management through their “partnership with a mission” program, by allowing Rogers Communications, Canada’s largest telecommunication company, to donate over JA $10 million in resources to the High School.
“We believe in connecting with our community in many ways, and education is one of the most critical point of interest for Rogers today,” said Paul Neilson, Vice President of Sales at Rogers Communications. “We believe the donations made under our education priority will really help galvanize the reform process for Montego Bay High School for girls.”

The event came in light of Glamour DMC’s 25th anniversary celebrations which has its main focus on giving back to the community. The charity saw over 150 staff members of the Rogers Communications Group coming together to ‘spruce’ up the High school as they devoted part of their vacation time to the corporate social responsibility programme. Director with responsibility for Marketing and Sales and Board Chairman of the Montego Bay High School, Myrtle Dwyer, explained that while giving has become a part of her, she believes strongly in giving back to communities. “We feel that it is most important to partner with the community itself, to ensure that what we have built will be sustained and maintained. We thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope that Montego Bay High School for Girls will be symbol of hope and pride in the community.”

The monies which were in part raised by the employees were used to refurbish and restock various sections of the school. Over 500 books were donated to the school’s library while industrial fridges and stoves donated to the school’s Home Economic lab. Further work was done in the clothing and textiles room, science and physics lab, as well as new roofing installed on the music room which was repainted and new lighting installed. The Major repair was given to the school’s computer lab which was rebuilt and stocked with new circuits and computer desks. Some 50 laptops were also donated to the newly renovate Computer Lab.

A very excited Donna- Marie Redway, Principal of Montego Bay High School for Girls expressed her gratefulness to the team involved by saying that “giving to the cause of education is a choice where no one can err and we are indeed grateful to the Rogers Communications Group and by Extension Glamour Destination Management. The Rogers group has now become a part of us and we will cherish these donations ensuring that they are used for the sole purpose of the betterment of the school”.

SOURCE:  http://travelworldnews.com/2012/05/03/jamaica-glamour-dmc-partners-with-rogers-circle-of-champions-to-benefit-montego-bay-high-school-for-girls/