Est. March 29, 2010

Welcome to the website of the Montego Bay High School International Alumnae Association, Inc. (MBHSIAA), a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization established in South Florida. We represent the  Montego Bay High School alumnae Diaspora throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean and the United Kingdom. We are organized to promote networking and foster camaraderie among affiliate members and also to identify and satisfy some of the longstanding needs of our alma mater, Montego Bay High School for Girls.

We take pride in promoting the values of connectedness to our alma mater in ways that ensure future generations of girls will continue to pass through the same revered halls we hold in such high esteem and take their place as stalwarts in our society both in Jamaica and abroad.


To be an effective global association transforming the lives of alumnae, students and staff of Montgeo Bay High School for Girls.


  • To be the nexus that engenders the participation of all stakeholders while inculcating and enhancing a sense of identity among past and present members of MBHS.
  • To promote the esteemed values and ideals embodied in the ethos of MBHS through active engagement in activities that strengthen and deepen the inherent ties linking past and current members of the MBHS family.
  • To serve the membership by promoting the ideals of MBHS through the implementation of projects and activities that engenders a dynamic sense of community and fellowship.


  • To engage in any and all activities permitted under the laws
    of the State of Florida, deemed relevant to our mission.
  • To generate funding for the MBHSIAA in support of special
    projects that accomplish our mission.
  • To advance education by providing scholarships to deserving
    students of MBHS.
  • To contribute to the development of educational and extracurricular resources at MBHS.


President –Charmaine Leslie-Jackson

Chairman –Karen Morris-Clarke

Secretary – Leisa Crighton-Dhana

Treasurers – Lisa Legg and Primrose Grier

Public Relations – Celia Whittingham-Bucknor

Lisa Legg
Judy McDermott
Edith Seaton

5451 SR 7, P.O. Box 590456, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33359